Best Magnetic Eyelashes Without Eyeliner: How to Get the Perfect Lash Look Without Using Eyeliner

Wearing magnetic eyelashes is a great way to add length and volume to your lashes without using eyeliner.

Bypass the need for glue with these easy-to-use falsies that latch onto your natural lashes with magnets.

There are many different styles and brands of magnetic eyelashes on the market, so we’ve compiled a list of the best magnetic eyelashes without eyeliner to help make your decision easier. Read on to find out which ones made our list!

Best Magnetic Eyelashes Without Eyeliner Review

1.KISS Products So Wispy Lashes

  • Lash Multipack: The perfect starter kit to elevate your lash look; These natural looking false lashes are easy to apply and blend seamlessly with your own lashes; Reusable and contact lens friendly
  • High Quality: Add length, volume and definition to your look; Made with top quality, 100 percent natural human hair, these extensions are lightweight and comfortable to wear; Includes silicone tool for easier application
  • Kiss Lashes: Our upscale lash lineup includes fab lashes for every look and occasion; In an instant, mink lashes, wispy lashes, magnetic lashes and more must have styles will give your eyes all out glam
  • Beauty Products: Try the full range of KISS best sellers including manicure glues, removers, press on nails, natural looking and voluminous lashes, Korean beauty products, hair tools and makeup
  • Bring The Salon Home: Kiss encourages women to bring the salon home and express their individual style and beauty with high quality and professional DIY products at affordable prices
ColorBasic #11
BrandKiss Products, Inc.
MaterialSilicone,Human Hair
Item Dimensions LxWxH0.75 x 3.81 x 6 inches
Item FormPair

2. Newcally Lashes False Eyelashes Cat Eyes Wispy

  • Newcally lashes are 100% hand knotted to be more unique and delicate
  • Wispy 3d lashes with just the right length and volume, will blend in your natural lashes seamlessly
  • Feature with flexible thin cotton lash band, super soft and skin friendly, easy and comfortable to wear
  • Vegan lashes made from premium synthetic fibers, totally cruelty free, we never hurt any animal
  • Durable lashes can be reused up to 15 times, just make sure to use and storage them correctly

3. DYSILK 5 Pairs 6D Mink Eyelashes Faux lashes Cross Fluffy Natural Look 

  • 【HIGH QUALITY & HANDMADE LASHES】Each of our 6D fake lashes is handmade, as soft and fluffy as your lashes, vivid and shiny and long lifespan. Add length in a fashionable way, make your eyes bright and charming. And it can be reused more than 15 times with proper care
  • 【NATURE & FLUFFY】Thick hair and thin strip line make the lashes look natural and fluffy, they don’t feel heavy on your eyelids. The thickness and curl of the eyelashes are just right. Hypoallergenic band reduce eye irritation
  • 【EASY TO APPLY】Lightweight and soft, it is super easy to use again and again. Thin band, the lashes themselves look amazing and fairly natural. You can carry eyelashes with you to go to various venues such as dances, birthday parties, etc. Suitable for creating day or nighttime looks
  • 【1 PUSH-PULL EYELASHES BOX】Easy to carry and save your makeup bag space, you can carry eyelashes with you to go to various venues such as dances, birthday parties, etc. Beautiful anytime, anywhere. No glue in the package
  • 【OCCASION AND SUPER GIFT】These 6D eyelashes are very suitable for weddings, photography, nightlife, parties or daily use. In addition, this is an exquisite gift for girls/ladies. The exquisite eyelash box is the first choice for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Halloween
MaterialFaux Mink
Material FeatureCruelty Free
Item FormPair

4. JIMIRE 20 Pairs False Eyelashes 4 Styles Fluffy Eyelashes 

  • Natural, charming, daily and dramatic are included in 4 styles lashes, that are perfect for working, shopping, date, party and night-out. It is also cost-effective.
  • Lashes are all handmade by fine synthetic fiber to ensure high quality of eyelashes, so can be reused for a few times with proper care.
  • Lash bands are flexible yet sturdy to make it easier to apply eyelashes and clean, and give you all-day comfort.
  • Lashes are lightweight and soft so there is no irritation to eyes. And, it’s comfortable to wear the eyelashes without binding them.
  • Making your eyes more vivid and sparkling makes you more attractive and shining. If you are not satisfied with the eyelashes, please tell us and we will give you the most satisfactory answer.
MaterialFaux Mink
Material FeatureCruelty Free
Item FormPair

5. Reusable Self-Adhesive Eyelashes No Eyeliner or Glue Needed

  • 【No Glue or Eyeliner Needed】easbeauty self-adhesive eyelashes are made with cutting-edge technology ,and with premium synthetic fibers. which makes them reusable and self-adhesive eyelashes without glue or eyeliner. Stickness between eyelashes and your skin is activated by body heat.
  • 【Easy to Put on and Save Time】 Advanced by the latest technology, No glue or eyeliner is needed for easbeauty self-adhesive lashes which simplifies makeup application process . It is beneficial and easy to put on , so more time is saved for women. Novices can put these lashes on easily in just 3 seconds .
  • 【Natural and Lightweight】 Self-adhesive eyelashes are made of premium synthetic fibers,so that they look as natural as real eyelashes. At the same time, the self-adhesive lashes are so light that you feel comfortable to put on.
  • 【Rreusable and Portable】Self-adhesive eyelashes can be used over and over again. It won’t agglomerate or set in hot or cold weather to be stored conveniently. Self-adhesive eyelashes are placed in a nice round box for easy carrying when you work or travel or on a business trip.
  • 【Perfect Gift for Women】Self-adhesive eyelashes exquisitely packaged are suitable as a gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift, Thanksgiving gift, Christmas gift, girlfriend’s birthday gift, Wedding anniversary gift for women .
Material FeatureCruelty Free
Item FormPair

Best Magnetic Eyelashes Without Eyeliner – Guide

1. How do you put on magnetic eyelashes without eyeliner?

The first step is to curl your natural lashes with an eyelash curler. This will help the falsies blend in more seamlessly. Next, take your magnetic lash strip and hold it up to your eye to measure where you need to trim it. Once you have the strip the correct size, apply a generous amount of lash glue to the strip and wait about 30 seconds for it to get tacky.

2. How do you take off magnetic eyelashes without eyeliner?

To remove your magnetic eyelashes without eyeliner, start by gently peeling the lashes off of your skin. If the lashes are stuck on with waterproof glue, use an oil-based makeup remover to help break down the adhesive. Once the lashes are removed, use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to clean off any residual glue or eyeliner.

3. How do you apply magnetic eyeliner?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the application of magnetic eyeliner will vary depending on the specific product you are using. However, in general, the application process for magnetic eyeliner is as follows:

1. Begin by thoroughly cleansing your face and removing any existing makeup. This will help ensure that the magnetic eyeliner goes on smoothly and evenly.


4. How do you remove magnetic eyeliner?

To remove magnetic eyeliner, you will need a cotton pad or ball, some makeup remover, and a little patience. First, soak the cotton pad or ball in the makeup remover. Then, gently press it against your eyelid, holding it there for a few seconds. Next, slowly and carefully wipe the cotton pad or ball across your eyelid, moving from the inner corner to the outer corner. Repeat this process until all of the eyeliner is removed.

5. How do you clean magnetic eyelashes?

The first thing you need to do is remove the lashes from your eyes. To do this, gently peel them off from the outer corner of your eye. Be careful not to pull too hard, as you don’t want to damage your natural lashes.

Once the lashes are off, it’s time to start cleaning them. The best way to do this is to use a mild soap and water.

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