10 Best Snake Pistol Of 2022 – Based On Customer Ratings

10 Best Snake Pistol Of 2022

There is a new type of pistol on the market that is garnering a lot of attention. The Snake Pistol is different from any other gun on the market because it has a snake coiled around the barrel.

This unusual pistol is getting rave reviews from gun enthusiasts for its accuracy and ease of use. Learn more about this unique weapon in today’s blog post!

10 Snake Pistol: Editor Recommended

Hoppe’s 24002D Boresnake, .357-38, and…9.60Buy on Amazon
Hoppe’s 9mm .357 .380 .38…8.45Buy on Amazon
Ultimate Rifle Build Barrel Snake…9.05Buy on Amazon
Ctrshif Gun Snake Cleaner Rifle…9.00Buy on Amazon
EZshoot 2 PCS Gun Clean…9.75Buy on Amazon
Gun Snake Cleaner for 9mm…9.10Buy on Amazon
DINGDOON Gun Cleaning Kit 19…9.15Buy on Amazon
Hoppe’s Boresnake .22 Caliber Pistol…9.10Buy on Amazon
Real Avid Bore Boss Bore…8.25Buy on Amazon
CLENZOIL Field & Range 38…9.50Buy on Amazon

Our 10 Snake Pistol Review:

1. Hoppe’s 24002D Boresnake, .357-38, and 9mm Calibers , Green

10 Best Snake Pistol of 2022

Features :

  • Hoppe’s .357, 9mm, .380, .38 caliber, pistol and revolver, den
  • Hoppe’s den lid doubles as a pull handle
  • Convenient new case for easy storage and Transport
  • Hoppe’s den includes the original boresnake

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Release Date2018-07-20T00:00:01Z

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2. Hoppe’s 9mm .357 .380 .38 Caliber Pistol Viper Den Gun Snakes, Multi

10 Best Snake Pistol of 2022

Features :

  • Bore snake Viper includes 33% more scrubbing power over the original with a 3Rd brush
  • Hoppe’s 9mm, .357, .380, .38 caliber, pistol Viper, bore snake with den
  • Bore snake Viper includes a bore guide for easier Insertion
  • Convenient new case for easy storage and Transport

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions

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3. Ultimate Rifle Build Barrel Snake – Reusable and Compact for Various Caliber Sizes – Gun Cleaning Kit Supplies for Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun (.22 Cal, .223cal, 5.56mm)

10 Best Snake Pistol of 2022

Features :

  • Quick & Easy: Cleans In 1 Quick Pass! Pre-scrub Solution Can Be Applied First, Brushes Then Scrub The Barrel; Cleaning Cloth Cleans-up, And Remaining Length Can Apply Any Lubricant You Wish – All In A Single Pass!
  • Reusable: Solvent Safe, Machine Washable & Reusable Hundreds Of Times
  • Compact: Lightweight And Compact – Fits Easily Into Your Pocket, To Assure It’s Always Ready
  • Professional: Packaged In Clamshell. Beware Of Competitor Products Which Are Packaged In Zip Baggies
  • Gift Idea: Spring into gift giving with a barrel snake gun cleaning kit. It’s a great addition to your gun gifts for dad, brother, or husband.

Additional Info :

Color.223, .22, 5.56mm
Item Dimensions

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4. Ctrshif Gun Snake Cleaner Rifle Cleaning Snake for Pistol Shotgun 9mm .22 .223 5.56mm 12/20GA .308 .45 7.62mm .38 .357 .380 and Others More Calibers

10 Best Snake Pistol of 2022

Features :

  • 【DESIGN PRINCIPLE】 The Gun Snake cleaner scrapes gunk out of the barrel and follows with a smooth cloth to wipe it clean and lubricate in one quick pull-through.
  • 【STRONG & STURDY】The Gun Cleaner Snake made of sturdy material, high-quality stitching, not easy to be tear. The brass bristles are strong and can be used repeatedly. The brass counterweight is weighed and can be easily inserted into the barrel without being stuck.
  • 【QUICK CLEAN】They are great for a quick cleaning. It only takes tens of seconds, you don’t even have to break down the weapon; just pass the brass through the barrel and drag the Gun Snake through it a couple of times.
  • 【EASY TO USE】Cleans in 1 quick pass with Gun Cleaning Snake, pre-scrub solution can be applied first. The nylon gun cleaner snake absorbs gun cleaning solvent well and there is no exposed metal to damage sensitive rifling or crown.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT】It is easy to carry and can be easily put into your pocket to ensure that it is always available

Additional Info :

Color2 Pack .22 .223 & 5.56mm/.38 .357 .380 & 9mm

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5. EZshoot 2 PCS Gun Clean Snake, Bore Rope for Rifle Pistol Shotgun, Reusable Gun Cleaning Snakes, Barrel Snake for 5.56mm/.223/.22/9mm/Cal .380/12 GA/. 30 Cal/.308/.44 Cal. (Choose Suitable Calibers)

10 Best Snake Pistol of 2022

Features :

  • 【EXCELLENT QUALITY】The gun clean snake kit made of sturdy material, high-quality stitching, not easy to be tear. Precise size and perfectly tight inside the bore, provide better cleaning effect.
  • 【EASY & QUICK TO USE】Barrel snake is a one pass solution, gun bore rope uses an integrated bronze brush to scrub out carbon fouling, while the tail clears the barrel of loose debris. Gun bore cleaner makes cleaning more easier.
  • 【ABSORB SOLVENT】The nylon bore rope absorbs gun cleaning brush solvent well and there is no exposed metal to damage sensitive rifling or crown.
  • 【REUSABLE】The gun cleaning snakes kit can be washed by machine and reused hundreds of times.
  • 【MULTIPLE MODELS AVAILABLE】No matter the firearm, there is a gun snakes cleaner kit that will clean it. Please confirm your caliber before buying.

Additional Info :


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6. Gun Snake Cleaner for 9mm / .38 / .380 / .357 Pistol Barrel Snake, Bore Rope – Tuffman Tools

10 Best Snake Pistol of 2022

Features :

  •  SUPER QUICK AND EASY – one pass of our gun snake makes cleaning your gun simple and saves you a ton of time
  •  BORE BRUSHES – multiple short brushes embedded in the gun snake
  •  ONE, TWO, FINISHED – simply pull the barrel snake through once to clean the barrel, then pull it through a second time to remove the loose grit
  •  COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT – fits in your pocket so you can use it outdoors in the field
  •  THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE: The customers satisfaction is our priority, if you have any questions or issues, we always answer you promptly and will put 100% of issues right

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7. DINGDOON Gun Cleaning Kit 19 in 1 with Special 9mm Handgun Snake .22 .38 9mm .40 .45 Caliber Pistol Bronze Bore Brush and Brass Jag Adapter,100Pcs 3″ Cotton Swabs Empty Bottle

10 Best Snake Pistol of 2022

Features :

  • 【Gun Cleaning Case With Zip】Keeps everything neatly organized; Holds all the necessary cleaning tools; Case sized: 6.5″ x 3.6 “; 16 Pieces handgun gun maintenance system in a high performance zippered organized pouch bag.
  • 【Gun Cleaning Supplies Includes】22Cal., .38Cal./9MM, .40Cal., and .45Cal. phosphor bronze bore brushes and brass jags, large and small bronze slotted tips, and 100 pcs gun cleaning patches, nylon brush and metal gun cleaning pick and extra gun snake.The bronze bore brushes are standard twisted aluminum core with bronze bristles.
  • 【Gun Cleaning Basical Function】The solid brass cleaning jags are the fastest way to thoroughly clean, dry, or oil the bore. The bronze bore brushes are standard twisted aluminum core with bronze bristles.The slotted tips available to use with your cleaning cloths these tips are made of brass. The stainless steel pick is great tool to remove the harmful materials from your gun.
  • 【Gun Cleaning Extra Kit Function】The patches were precut and fit easily in the gun’s tight areas without sticking. The brass rods have connection points and screw together to form a strong and stable 10.5 inch gun cleaning rod. The quick & easy gun snake: pre-scrub solution can be applied first, brushes then scrub the barrel; cleaning cloth cleans-up, and remaining length can apply any lubricant you wish.
  • 【Gun Cleaning Kit Lifetime Service】 Know when buying from us that we stand behind our products, so if you ever have an issue we will get you taken of right away! This kit is perfect for every firearm owner, beginner to expert, it will work great for you!

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8. Hoppe’s Boresnake .22 Caliber Pistol and Revolver, Clam E/F

10 Best Snake Pistol of 2022

Features :

  • Included Components: Hunting-Cleaning-And-Maintenance-Products
  • Sport Type: Hunting
  • The world’s quickest three-step bore shine
  • Extremely packable
  • Brass weight on the pull cord is stamped with the size
  • Machine washable
  • Patented one-piece design

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Release Date2010-02-05T00:00:01Z

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9. Real Avid Bore Boss Bore Snake Gun Cleaning System| Rapid Pull Through Barrel & BoreCleaning Cable with Integrated Brush & Mop for Quick & Mess Free Gun Cleaning

10 Best Snake Pistol of 2022

Features :

  • SINGLE PASS CLEANING SOLUTION FOR .44CAL/.45CAL HANDGUNS: Flip, clip, feed, pull. The 12-inch cable works for cleaning your 44 or 45 caliber handguns. Cleaning has never been so fast, clean and easy.
  • GET A GRIP AND EASILY PULL WITH THE ERGONOMIC HANDLE: The Bore Boss pull through kit has an ergonomic grip that helps you comfortably pull the tight-fitting cable through your revolver, striker fired or any handgun.
  • SEE YOUR CALIBER AND PROTECT THE BRUSH AND MOP: The storage case has large caliber labels so you can id your cleaning supplies. Plus, the case keeps the brush from grabbing fabric or poking you, it keeps the mop clean, and your range bag organized
  • QUICKLY CLEANS FOULING FROM YOUR BORE: when you pull out your Bore Boss it is neatly wrapped up to ensure you don’t spend time untying knots so you can quickly clean after a day of target shooting
  • SNAKES DON’T COMPARE: Add the Bore Boss to your list of favorite pistol accessories. It is a portable, compact, quick clean field tool that is an excellent gift for any gun owner who likes quality tools.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions

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10. CLENZOIL Field & Range 38 Cal – 9MM Cobra Bore Cleaner | Gun Barrel Cleaning Tool for 38 Cal – 9MM | Brass Brush Embedded in Cotton Bore Rope

10 Best Snake Pistol of 2022

Features :

  • QUICK & EASY | Embedded brushes scrub the barrel and the woven cotton cleans up and removes debris
  • ALL IN ONE | Includes everything you need to give your pistol bore a thorough cleaning
  • COMPACT | Clenzoil Cobras are lightweight and compact for easy on-the-go pistol bore cleaning
  • TRIED & TRUE | Clenzoil has been the most trusted name in gun cleaning since 1948 – No BS
  • ALL-AMERICAN BRAND | Veteran Founded & Veteran Owned, Clenzoil is proud to be an All-American brand

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions

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What Loads Can I Carry for a Snake Gun?

Loads for snake guns run the spectrum from .22 LR CCI shotshells to full shotgun rounds such as three-inch .410 shells filled with #4 shot.

What are the best shotshells for dealing with snakes?

Stepping up to the larger, yet still mild-recoiling, .38 Special shotshells, we find a much more effective cartridge for dealing with unwanted critters.

What is your favorite load?

When it comes to snakes, however, my favorite load is the .410 shotshell.

What are the Best Snake Guns?

A .410/.45 Colt revolver or Derringer is small and portable while still packing a wallop.

What are the benefits of a snake gun?

Additionally, they are cheap, abundant and easy to find.

What are your favorite snake guns?

The Taurus and Snake Slayer IV are not the only choices for a snake gun.

What Is a Cottonmouth?

Luckily, this particular water moccasin was more concerned with escape than biting me and quickly slithered off with a mean hiss.

What is the best gun for snake protection?

Nowadays, I carry a small Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV chambered in .45 Colt and .410 tucked in my hip pocket whenever I head out in the warmer months.

What is the distance from a serpent?

This generally puts you anywhere from three to 10 feet away from the serpent, close enough to do serious damage with a .410 blast, and generally far enough away to keep you safe from a sudden strike.

What is the.410 Shell?

While the origin of the .410 shotshell is not very well-known, a good indication of its heritage is the fact that it shares the same chamber size as the .45 Long Colt.

What is the best trail gun?

Advertised as the perfect trail gun, the Taurus Judge is indeed versatile enough to take small game, snakes and varmints when firing a .410 load, or take medium game with a .45 Colt or .454 Casull using the Raging Judge.

What do you carry?

Available with a three-inch barrel, it is small enough to tuck into a backpack or fanny pack, or to carry comfortably in a holster.

What Are the Most Dangerous Snakes?

Silent, deadly and occasionally prone to aggressive unprovoked attacks, vipers and various other venomous snakes have a more or less permanent place on many people’s list of varmints to kill on sight.

What is the best way to deal with a snake?

Prior to that, a well-placed blow from a garden hoe or a shovel quickly ended a viper. Now there are many options to quickly and safely deal with snakes.

What are the Derringers?

The invention of the Derringer gave people the option of a small, easily-portable handgun capable of inflicting devastating damage at close range.

What is a Derringer snake gun?

As designers introduced more and more calibers to various Derringer designs, specifically with the advent of pistol caliber shotshells — namely the .410 bore, developed around 1900 — it was discovered these little shooters made excellent snake guns.

What is the.410 handgun?

The .410 handgun enjoyed a brief surge in popularity and other gun manufactures quickly followed suit, introducing their own “hand cannons.” But the platform wasn’t a new concept.

What are the different types of guns?

And there are a myriad of semi-auto pistols that make more sense—and are far more effective—than a .410 revolver.

What are the drawbacks of carrying a.410 gun?

But, they are typically not small-framed guns—the Judge is nearly 10 inches long—so that makes them more cumbersome to conceal carry than a sub-compact semi-auto pistol.

What are the legal rules for taking out backyards?

Same goes for the raccoons in your trash can, or packs of squirrels nibbling away at the Adirondack chairs you spent the last three winters making (of course, always make sure to follow local ordinances and game laws when taking out backyard

What is Smith & Wesson Governor?

Smith & Wesson Governor A few years after Taurus launched the Judge, Smith & Wesson debuted the Governor, which is a more compact revolver (8½ inches with a 2¾-inch barrel) that can shoot .410, .45 ACP, or .45 Colt.

What is the frame and sights?

One is an all-stainless-steel variant, and the second has a stainless PVD application to the cylinder and the frame is made of scandium alloy, which includes a mixture of aluminum in the metal.

What are the best guns for concealed carry?

Bond Arms The Snake Slayer is the only gun on this list small enough to conceal-carry, and with offerings in .357 Magnum/.38 Special, and .45 ACP, that makes it a real possibility.

How much does this gun weigh?

A fixed blade front and rear sight will help with quick target acquisition, plus this gun only weighs 1 pound, 6 ounces, so it will easily fit in a pant pocket.

What is the G2 Contender platform?

Thompson/Center Arms The G2 Contender platform is extremely versatile because it allows you to shoot multiple calibers—one of those being a .410—from the same gun simply by swapping barrels.

How do I interchange the G2?

The barrels are fairly simple to interchange as well, just remove the fore-end and tap out the hinge pin.

How do I use a hammer?

To operate the G2, you simply break it open like an over/under or side-by-side by pulling on the trigger guard spur (located at the bottom of the trigger guard), insert the load, close the action, cock the hammer, and pull the trigger.

What is the Raging Judge 513?

The Raging Judge 513 is chambered in .45 Colt and .410 but is also capable of firing .454 Casull.

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